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Minister of Children and Youth Search

Thank you for your interest in our Minister of Children and Youth position.  Mount Vernon Baptist church is located in the foothills of NC between Charlotte and Asheville. 

The potential candidate must be biblically sound as found in scripture 1 Timothy 3 and possess a calling and a passion to connect with students and their families. It is essential that the person chosen for this position have a willingness to invest time and effort in building relationships with the children, youth, and the church body as we all grow together spiritually.


Because this position is a ministerial position, in accordance with our church guidelines, we would prefer a married man with education and experience in ministry and someone who has an enthusiastic and encouraging personality. He must be at least 21 years of age. Education preferably a degree in biblical and/or educational studies; a plus would be a Seminary graduate or current seminary student.


The Minister of Children and Youth’s primary responsibility will be all activities, programs, camps, missions work, etc. for youth 8-12th grades.  He will also be responsible for overseeing and assisting the Children’s Director with events and activities related to the children’s programs.

Below is a suggested list of the responsibilities of the Minister of Children and Youth:

  • The Minister of Children and Youth will work under the direction of the senior pastor and will be a member of the ministerial staff.  In the absence of the senior pastor the Minister of Children and Youth will work under the leadership of the deacon board. As such, his interest can extend to all areas of the church.  However, his primary interest shall be youth grades 8-12.

  • The Minister of Children and Youth will oversee the work of the Children’s Director.  Assist the Children’s Director to develop, implement and promote ministries for children through 7th grade - VBS, Summer Camps and other events specific to younger children.

  • Be responsible for teaching Youth Sunday School, Youth Sunday night service and Wednesday night Youth Bible Study

  • All youth activities such as discipleship training, spiritual enrichment activities, camps, evangelism, youth led outreach and missions work, fundraisers, retreats, youth rallies, relationship building and other youth activities that may not be listed.

  • Provides spiritual counseling to the youth and their parents in the areas of commitment to Christ, Christian discipleship, church membership and stewardship.

  • Visit youth members and prospects.

  • Keeps abreast of new and innovative programs for youth.

  • Consults with other church staff members on a regular basis to coordinate the youth ministry with other ministries of the church

  • Meet regularly with the children and youth committees to develop plans, goals, and visions for the children and youth.

  • Act as the youth advocate during church business meetings, deacon meetings, budget/finance meetings and ministry projects

  • Plan and coordinate regular recognition events for youth – graduation, scholastic achievements, call to ministry, occasionally provide special music during worship service, youth led services, etc.

  • Create and maintain a visible presence in the community with other churches/youth leaders and local schools - occasionally attend school activities/events of our youth.

  • Ability to coordinate and lead a group of volunteers.

  • Prepare and manage a budget for youth and work with the Children’s Director to develop a budget for the children’s ministry.

  • There will be opportunities to preach. 

  • Expected to work a consistent schedule and maintain regular office/working hours.

  • Candidates should demonstrate good organizational, administrative and communications skills, both verbal and written. 

  • Develop and implement outreach training programs for children and youth – such as Good News Club

  • Identify and lead churchwide training sessions as needed i.e., “Helping your child grow in faith” Parents, grandparents learning how to help their children and youth grow spiritually.

  • Update the church website, media shout and social media in a positive way to promote and support the children and youth.

  • The Minister of Children and Youth will be required to attend all church and staff meetings.

This ministry position requires passing criminal, financial and sexual misconduct background checks.


Compensation is negotiable based on education and experience.

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